Banks Rowing Club

Membership Categories, Terms & Conditions , Subscription Fees 

1. Memberships Terms & Conditions

All Rowing Members are responsible for prompt payment of annual membership subscriptions and  any amount charged to Banks Rowing Club by Rowing Victoria or Rowing Australia for regatta entry fees and fines incurred in your name. Any amount charged for other related costs such as Club Camps and Trip costs may also be invoiced to members.   

2. Memberships Categories

Membership of the Banks Rowing club and fees for each category can be accessed from the following link. Fees are inclusive of GST and Rowing Victoria affiliation fees applicable for each category.

Categories are as follows for the 2024/25 Season:

Category Fee Club Access RV Fee Included Gym Access Boat Access Membership Website Access Invited to Club Events Coaching
Senior Competing $785 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Youth (U21)**

$580 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Junior (U19)** $350 Yes* Yes Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Non-Rowing $470 Yes N/A Yes No Yes Yes N/A
Alumni $50 No N/A No No Yes Yes N/A
Coxswain Free Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes


* Only with coach supervision

** The age brackets are based on the lane racing season of the year in which their membership covers. i.e You must be 19 or 20 as of December 31st in the year in which you will be racing (2025) to be eligible for a Youth Membership.

Membership season:
The membership season starts is from 1st of July to 30th June the following year. Any application for membership after 31st  January, the membership fee to June 30th is halved.
If any member has not paid half of their subscription on or before 1st of September each year, they shall not be eligible to take part in any Club or Regatta race. If their subscription is not paid in full by the 1st of December in the same year they shall not be entitled to enter any regattas or use the facilities of the club until paid in full. Payment terms may be offered in special circumstances.




3. Regatta Entry Fees

There are likely to be five regattas from September to December. Entry fees will vary from $20 to $55. If all regattas are entered the likely total entry fees for these regattas could be $150 to $200.

The busiest time for rowing regattas is from February to March with opportunities to enter local regattas as well as the NSW Championships and the National championships. If you choose to participate in all regattas the entry fees cost could be from $300 to $500 depending on the number of events you enter.

Once you agree to enter a regatta you are agreeing to paying the entry fee.  If you scratch from your event, you are still liable for the entry fee in accordance with RV rules. 

Additional fees associated with entering regattas may involve boat transport and or accommodation if staying overnight in country regattas.

NSW State Championships - Approx. costs for accommodation & boat transport  $600.

National Championships  - Approx. cost for accommodation & boat transport $1000.

4. Rowing Camps

A rowing camp is usually held in January of each year. This is an opportunity to build fitness and develop skills in a more intense environment.  The approximate cost for these camps is $100 per day and there are options to fully or partially attend this camp. The cost includes accommodation, boat transport and catered dinners.


5. Clubhouse entry Fobs and Change room Lockers

Entry fobs can be ordered when applying for membership.  At other times make contact with the Secretary via the website and make a request. Cost: $20


Change room lockers are limited in numbers and may be available.  Requests can be made via the Captains - Small lockers are $20 a year, large lockers are $45 a year.

6. Additional Fees

If you require the storage of a private boat within the shed the cost of this will be $350 per seat, per year.