2017 Head of the Yarra

Saturday 25th of November 2017.   The 2017 Head of the Yarra saw five crews in total competing.  A wonderful site to see.  Banks was led off by the I to K Composite Banks Crew (average age over 75)
This crew was seen passing through Punt Road Bridge, in full concentration, making sure every stroke was as good as it could be, and making sure they got to the end at Hawthorn. Not only to finish the event but also to make sure the boat was available for the young guns to transport back to the club house for the youth crews to hit the water.  See them in action here. MM I-K 8 

Four youth crews raced with pride on Saturday and showed plenty of pink as they powered down the Yarra River towards Hawthorn.

The first crew off the starting line at the Judges box was the Female C grade 8.  FC8 ,

The second crew was the Male C grade 8,  MC8,

The third crew was the Female B Grade 8,  FB8

The fourth and final crew was the Male B Grade 8,  MB8

Numerous people outside of Banks commented   on how great the crews looked.  
Eight of the youth group met the oldies from the I8+ at the end of their race and helped them off the water. 
A beautiful "pink reign" sign was hand made during the week and hung from the balcony throughout the day

The celebrations afterwards were a sign of how everyone felt about their efforts on the day.